Puppy Training: Essential Tips To Prevent Future Behavior Problems

Puppies have a lot of energy and this means more work to people who seek companionship. Whether you are a single person or you have an established family, puppies are a great addition to the family. They are quick to detect emotions as they grow and offer some form of emotional comfort to their owners. Amidst all of these important benefits, communication with them is essential. Establishing a good communication mode will ensure that your puppy does the right thing at the right time. A good way to do this is through puppy training. Puppy training helps you to understand your puppy better while also setting the ground rules for your relationship. You get to learn more about your puppy and also reinforce the positive behaviors you want to see.

When puppy training is done the right way, you get a peek into the world of your pet while also helping it to understand the ins and outs of your domestic world. An important area of puppy training is house training. Housetraining ensures that you can have your puppy in the house without it getting messed up. Having an improperly house-trained puppy can be a lot of stress; you have to deal with the puppy pooping or urinating around the house, and more. If you are a puppy owner who dreads this or you are planning on getting a puppy, starting the training session early can help you to obtain the desired positive result. Early puppy training can also help to prevent future behavior problems.

With puppies, setting boundaries at an early stage ensures that they understand what is required of them and what won’t be tolerated. One of the biggest issues that owners often face is mixed signals. Puppies who aren’t exposed to mixed signals are more likely to remain consistent in their behavior pattern. They are also more likely to remain well-mannered, confident, and develop a stronger relationship with their owners.

Owners should understand that puppy training can sometimes get frustrating – this is mostly because puppies are young and full of life. While the process may be overwhelming, owners should avoid physical punishments, spanking, shouting, jerking on the dog’s leash, and more. These reactions are more likely to compound the problem rather than solve it. It is always important to know that whatever behavior you won’t accept from an adult dog should be phased out at a young age. Below are some of those.

Jumping Becomes Dangerous Over Time

Puppies are full of life and can’t contain their excitement, especially when they come across familiar faces. They love to jump on their owners as a show of love and familiarity. While this is cute now, it can become dangerous over time. There have been instances of dogs tripping their owners or jumping on young children and knocking them back. A good way to address this problem is from a very young age.

Some owners tend to choose inhumane ways to deal with this problem – especially in adult dogs. Some admit to kneeing the dog in the chest to prevent jumping. This can create a dog that associates aggressive behavior with anyone that comes in through the door. You do not want your dog to take an aggressive stance against anyone. The best line of action would be to avoid rewarding your puppy for jumping from a young age.

Puppies often associate rewards, in terms of treats and attention, to good behavior. So, actions like sidestepping when they are jumping or preemptively asking them to sit before they can jump will send a better message. You can also reward your puppy for sitting instead of jumping, this reinforces the behavior.

Barking Becomes Noisier Over Time

Barking is regarded as the way dogs communicate and alert their owners to strangers or strange happenings. While your puppy is young and with an underdeveloped vocal cord, barking at just about anything can be funny and fun to watch. This habit becomes tough to break over time. A good thing to do is to discourage incessant barking at an early age. If you live in an apartment complex, chances are high that a loud barking dog may be the reason you are put out.

To address this problem, discourage your dog from barking by issuing a “quiet” or “silent” command. Make sure to reward compliance with the new command.

Chasing Laser Pointers Is Fun But Can Lead To Compulsive Behaviors

There are not many ways to play with your dog and keep it entertained indoors without moving from one place to another. Dog owners who are tired but wish to wear out their pets are more likely to get a laser pointer to keep them active. While the exercise may be good for burning your dog’s energy and saving you some stress, it can lead to compulsive behaviors. Dogs that have become obsessed with laser lights may absent-mindedly jump at the television display when they see one on-screen. They are also more likely to stray off the path when on leash because of pointing devices or lights.

The Sooner Your Leash Training Starts, The Better

Puppies aren’t born familiar with the leash. Failing to acclimatize your puppy to a leash at an early stage can cause a lot of problems later on. There are some adult dogs that aren’t properly trained and they may tend to fight their leash. A good way to incorporate this training is to start early. Leash manners are easier to teach to a smaller dog compared to a larger one. If you wish to get started, the concept is simple;

  • Stop or change direction when your dog pulls on the leash. Establish that they can’t go in just any direction when on a leash.
  • Reward your dog with attention and a nice treat if it is walking nicely beside you and offers eye contact.

Avoid Mixed Signals

The biggest problem with puppy training is mixed signals. Just as with humans, puppies can get confused when an action is praised today and turned down tomorrow. You should make sure that you are firm in deciding which actions are acceptable and which ones are not. Carefully establishing boundaries can help to promote positive communication.

Puppy training can be a demanding task but it is worth it in the end. If you wish to learn more about puppy training or wish to hire a puppy trainer for your pet, visit

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